Book Signing Event with Elena Borghi

16th January 2016

Ghost River

5th October 2015

Author : Tony Birch (published by UQP $29.95 rrp)

Archie Kemp knows trouble when he sees it, and he sees it when 13-year-old Sonny Brewer moves in next door. But life for the dirt-poor kid of an alcoholic father in hard-knocks Collingwood can be brutal, violent even, so it’s lucky for Sonny he finds a friend in Archie’s stepson, Ren … and both boys find freedom and adventure along the winding banks of the Yarra.

They are not alone. The River Boys – Tex, Cold Can, Big Tiny, Tallboy and the Doc, homeless men who live along the Yarra where they can drink in peace – welcome the boys into their mob and share their river secrets. Elsewhere, the daughter of a reverend in the cult church of Father Jealous Divine finds refuge on its shaded banks.
Time and again, the river shields the boys from the attentions of vicious bent cop Sergeant Foy and from the local gangsters who bankroll him– the same crooks for whom Sonny is forced to work when his father finally abandons him altogether. But progress comes to this forgotten corner of Melbourne disguised as the surveyors and earthmovers brought in to build the freeway that will destroy this precious stretch of river forever and, with it, a simpler way of life.

Can Ren and Sonny save the river they love, or will the overwhelming odds stacked against two poor kids from the wrong side of the tracks prove insurmountable?


25th August 2014

Join us for the launch of Beds for All Who Come by Susan Bradley Smith (published by Five Islands Press)

Date : Thursday 28th August 2014

Time : 6pm for a 6.30pm start

Place : Brunswick Bound

361 Sydney Road, Brunswick

Launch speaker : Dr Adele Wessell

Performances by guest poets and musicians

Light refreshments available

Book Launch : Depth Charging Ice Planet Goth

2nd August 2014

Let the Land Speak

7th October 2013

Author : Jackie French (Harper Collins $45.00)

To understand the present, you need to understand the past. To understand Australia’s history, you need to look at how the land has shaped not just our past, but will continue to shape our future.From highly respected, award-winning author Jackie French comes a new and fascinating interpretation of Australian history, focusing on how the land itself, rather than social forces, shaped the major events that led to modern Australia.Our history is mostly written by those who live, work and research in cities, but it’s the land itself which has shaped our history far more powerfully and significantly than we realise. Reinterpreting the history we think we all know – from the indigenous women who shaped the land, from Terra Incognita to Eureka, from Federation to Gallipoli and beyond, Jackie French shows us that to understand our history, we need to understand our land.Taking us behind history and the accepted version of events, she also shows us that there’s so much we don’t understand about our history because we simply don’t understand the way life was lived at the time. Eye-opening, refreshing, completely fascinating and unforgettable, LET THE LAND SPEAK will transform the way we understand the role and influence of the land and how it has shaped our nation.

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